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Snowflake and Fingerprint Machine

by thebrotheregg

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Dark Workmanship I who you thing for me are Me are you for the he She swore the sea sort of For free we tree fort or For the reformatory you Duck out so casually The one song I think I know is Hard to recall forgetfullest of them all Forgetfullest of them all Believe in the cheap incompetent lie you Speak out so recklessly Bad mouth Davis They say he’s crazy I empathize or at least I did for a little while Words are stereotypes you lose interest so easily Nonsense like each side of this heated debate Instrumental break.... These charms, these swords, this rain Through osmosis the trumpeting Shane In one day everything will change This disco will become a new wave Our story will just be about another Temporary empire....
Negative Space Of the new broken hearted phase You’re skipping stones across radio waves Let’s explore ravines to nowhere Divided by streams Nobody would think of finding people there Moon Boots through poison ivy leaf Lunar Eclipse messes with Our chemicals Apparatus winding down Drizzling mist as if astral projecting Good use of negative space Can’t you see that the dizziness is like From chasing vestigial tail What could be explained in one picture frame is Time lapse photography maybe You’re a teacher who deliberately is Teaching the wrong names for things but I’m Usually tuning you out Thinking a bit beyond the blueprint stage I believe centipedes stretch out for millimeters but the Caterpillars are more dreamy looking inchworms than any centipede Captive for a minute you were held captive for the hour You were found stewing in your juices where you ran web footed way back when I nurse your freezer burn while you cauterize my paper cut Ever gently You bathe my head in vinegar and kill the lice off of me Ever gently
Machine 00:53
Futuristic 04:01
Futuristic Constantly mimicking sounds and afterthoughts Summoning the currents through cables and alleyways Subservient like them all Pathways abound through nervous system found a Mountain or a crater Depends which way you climb Altitude changes I don’t wanna hear my ears pop Collection of spider wings Alphabetized.... Normally, finally, Bigfoot is not a Mountain or a crater Depends which direction you drive Pornograph turntable stuck together pages Backwards to climb despite everyone... Normally, finally Not one bit futuristic wait you missed it. Fraudulently selling to me your type of afterthought Every day I something like pray that you won’t Who needs nutrients with your messed up sermons Constantly broadcasting....
Hydraulics 01:02
Telescope 03:11
Telescope Brace yourself Near extinction Flavorist enemies decide Don’t you ever find yourself Standing in line Thinking of ways to kill Time yes, Clothes shrink before there is the time To think about growing old Time yes, Glaciers are slower than lava and Faster and older than a time Machine..... Blaming the victim Some kind of sick joke Seventeen year locust Doused and flammable A spark from a cheap lighter Involuntary It’s only half-hearted When measured by Time yes, Creatures who walk slow do so Because there’s nowhere to go I just feel like hating Time, yes It’s the zenith of our lives Contests and labyrinths Directionally unknown to me.. Earballs and eyeloebs Power outages Illuminating Possibilities of unknown colonies Elsewhere Skeletons to contain ourselves in They’re throwing rocks at our telescopes again Music don’t seem to learn idiots nothing, you said.
Fingerprint 03:03
Dormant Podling You get so moody Most of the day Bermuda Triangle Whatever you say We wondered what the point was But now we know We watch weeds grow, maricon Never wonder why.. You are like stood as in Most of the days Tormented souls go their separate ways Counting each block as we go Distorted amp at the show.. Computers make me wet between the legs Because I was attacked by a gizmo once Do we just occupy segments of each other’s lives Why do you hang out with me When there’s several billion other options?
Billy Barty’s Brains I would rather be Lost in the shade vegetating and maybe The meteors will fall down to my head I would rather not be saved after invasion Or occasions when meteors fall through the Cracks in the atmosphere I would rather be nowhere near there at all Egg shell wasn’t broken after the big fall Don’t plant trees there or anywhere near there at all... Go you now, The news has been made Hormonal slave no different than second grade Flying machines like so many words Numerous delusions fight to survive I would rather not think about anything at all Egg shell wasn’t broken after the big fall Please don’t fix things anymore Don’t monkey with me anymore..
OmniUniMiniVerse Buzzing into the bug zapper Singularity you stole it back From the skin that holds you in For the nucleus has multiple realities where My dreams are as wet as dreams get All the gargoyles affix their gaze over the edge And fly do their prayers up cemented stairs Every day Every day ! The cutting board earth is now perfectly round And I could use leaches to get the poison out of me Take daily dosages to build up an immunity Almost got arrested for suspected numerology la la la On a typically October afternoon The lantern lit world buzzes With the vibe from the death Orgasm of millions of leaves for Only those few weeks the Shadows of madness Have been stepping briefly out of sync and the marionette strings appear
Cauldrons of Eyeball Soup Guitar Chords A switchback trail upon The unanswering ear Cave Paintings Probably reinventing what you do Cauldrons of eyeball soup Can I use your hand Just to forge your permission slip If a permission slip is all that you need Then lets go even though the nosy outsiders say, “Doomsday cult” Under the lake is our secret Gathering place for Mischievous things Life is much better Under each layer of sky Lightning once was a chariot ride Probably don’t need much if There’s gonna be oxygen there ‘Cause maybe some fresh air is all that you need So let’s go even though the nosy outsiders say, “Doomsday cult” You beat up Ben Grim and You outran Shazaam but You won’t drown Aquaman Cause you know that you can’t You can’t even get beyond the shallow end All of your enemies Compete for your love Guess not the kind of evil You’re thinking of Remind me again What it means to believe in Some things like magic and Afternoon naps So many, so few... A useless butter knife will try and cut it. Maybe some fresh air is NOT what you need So let’s go even though the nosy outsiders say, “Doomsday cult” Cauldrons of eyeball soup...


released September 11, 2001


all rights reserved



thebrotheregg Portland

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